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Isdin Cicapost Scars Cream 50ml

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Isdin Cicapost Scars Cream 50ml
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ISDIN Cicapost Scars Cream 50ml

Isdin Cicapost is a specific repair cream for the dermatological care of scarred skin areas. A scar is the end result of a wound healing process, which can be the result of an accidental surgery or wound, and its tissue is more fragile, less elastic and vascularized, and usually more pigmented than normal tissue. It has in its composition Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E Acetate, two compounds responsible for moisturizing and repairing the scar tissue. In addition, it also has in its composition Triterpenos of Asian Centella, Glycerin and Dexpanthenol, compounds responsible for providing elasticity to the skin and for attenuating the excess pigmentation, characteristic of the scars. The ingredients of Cicapost, allow to improve the elasticity, the general appearance and the coloration of the skin with scars, taking care of, softening and improving its esthetics.

How to use:
Apply to clean skin 3 times a day, lightly massage until completely absorbed. Do not apply on open wounds.



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