The BIAFINE is an oil-in-water emulsion formulated for the treatment of non-infected superficial skin wounds, 1st degree burns and solar erythema.

When properly applied to a wound, BIAFINE provides an optimal moist environment for the healing process.

 The BIAFINE brand created in 1971 is expert in light burns. Mr. Wenmaekers, a French chemist, discovers a formula that relieves mild burns by using it on his daughter-in-law accidentally burned. Convinced of its effectiveness, it offers hospitals this formula as an emulsion to relieve patients with burns caused by radiation. Thanks to its success, the emulsion was put on the market in 1976 and became an indispensable product for all households in their first aid kits. Today, the BIAFINE offers different ranges to protect, repair and soothe different skin problems:

 The use of BIAFINE promotes healing of the skin. It is also effective for burns, small wounds and uninfected skin wounds

 The original formula of BIAFINE was developed in 1971 following an unfortunate accident that affected the daughter-in-law of French chemist M.WENMAEKERS, who was then burned to the iron. To relieve pain and promote healing, the chemist focused on an emulsion with soothing and healing properties. The formula was tested in the Marseille Hospital on patients suffering from burns and patients treated with radiotherapy. Thanks to the impressive results and the impressive effects of the medication on the wound, BIAFINE arrives on the shelves of pharmacies five years later.

 With over 40 years of expertise, BIAFINE is now developing several ranges of dermo-cosmetic products. It protects and repairs sensitive or damaged skin. Developed under dermatological control, the products are hypoallergenic for an application on all types of skin without risk of cutaneous reactions.
Several ranges of BIAFINE products to fit your needs
The SENSIBIAFINE range focuses more particularly on the face with more or less rich moisturizing creams.

 They soothe dry skin effectively by limiting the sensation of itching. In addition, the brand also offers a cleansing milk and cleansing water to clean the skin without harming it further.

You will also find the CICABIAFINE range for the care of the hands, feet and body in general. These different moisturizing products can nourish sensitive skin in addition to limiting skin aging.
On a daily basis, the BEBEBIAFINE range takes care of babies' sensitive skin. It also offers them effective protection against small irritation: moisturizing balm, exchange ointment, washing cream or toilet milk.
Finally, BIAFINE offers products to protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays through the SOLEILBIAFINE range. Several product references (sprays, milks, creams, ...) are available depending on the level of sun protection desired and the skin type of each.