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Somatoline Scrub Pink Salt 350gr

Somatoline Scrub Pink Salt 350gr
Somatoline Scrub Pink Salt 350gr
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Somatoline Scrub Pink Salt 350gr
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 Somatoline Scrub Pink Salt 350gr

Somatoline Scrub Pink Salt is a slimming supplement designed to soften the skin and prepare it before applying a slimming treatment. It consists of 100% natural ingredients, which guarantee its exfoliation and smoothing, protecting it from damage caused by oxidation.

The pink salt comes from the heart of the Himalayan rocks, is characterized by its slightly pink hue and crystals larger than those of sea salt, providing effective exfoliation of the skin and dead scales, while gratifying the cells of the epidermis with its many easily assimilable trace elements.
Thus, the pink salt ideally combines skin purification and regeneration. On the other hand, it demonstrates a very important antioxidant power thanks to its ability to dissolve toxins and metabolic wastes while fighting the agitation of free radicals that accelerate natural aging.

Blueberry oil, which completes this exfoliating formula with pink salt, offers the benefit of its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin and reduce the irritation associated with exfoliation. The epidermis recovers a smooth surface, free from any irregularities.

The skin is thus well prepared for the application of a slimming treatment.

How to use:
Mix with the spatula before application, in the shower, apply on damp skin and massage in circular movements.
Rinse with water. Use once or twice a week.


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