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Somatoline Abdominales Top Definition 200ml

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Somatoline Abdominales Top Definition 200ml
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Somatoline Abdominales Top Definition 200ml

Somatoline Abdominales Top Definition is a gel that is intended for men who want to design their sit-ups.

With a triple action: it reduces fat, stimulates abdominal muscles and tones the skin. Thus, it will reduce the accumulation of fat and tone the abdominal area.
The revitalization of the skin associated with the reduction of localized superficial fat will help to make the abdominals visible: the gel has a remodeling action.

The application of the gel is recommended along with a sporting activity. As the product is resistant to perspiration and water, it can be used during a sports session.
Its effectiveness is based on its formula that combines fat burners and ginger extracts.
Caffeine, carnitine and creatine are known to cause fat loss. Ginger has a revitalizing effect on the skin.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of gel to the areas to be treated, twice a day.
Massage in a circular motion until the product is completely absorbed.



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