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Somatoline Scrub Brown Sugar 350gr

Somatoline Scrub Brown Sugar 350gr
Somatoline Scrub Brown Sugar 350gr
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Somatoline Scrub Brown Sugar 350gr
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Somatoline Scrub Brown Sugar 350gr

Somatoline Scrub Brown Sugar is a slimming supplement that exfoliates the skin and returns the skin to its smooth appearance.
Aimed at preparing the epidermis before applying additional care, it is distinguished by its formula composed exclusively of 100% natural ingredients, the main one being brown sugar.

This cane sugar is also very popular with all those who wish to refine their silhouette. Granular in nature, it is, in fact, ideal for exfoliating dead skin and scales that can accumulate on the skin and form small calluses and imperfections that are unpleasant to the touch and point of view. aesthetic. Its crystals also provide a deep cleansing of the pores in order to extract impurities and excess sebum, promoting cell regeneration.

This brown sugar scrub contains sea salt that stimulates microcirculation and promotes cell detoxification, in addition to almond oil that replenishes the skin barrier. The hydration of the epidermis is thus enhanced and the skin smoother and sublimated by a natural and invigorated glow.

How to use:
Mix with the spatula before application, in the shower, apply on damp skin and massage in circular movements.
Rinse with water. Use once or twice a week.


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