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Rilastil Neoviderm Emulsion 100ml

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Rilastil Neoviderm Emulsion 100ml
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Rilastil Neoviderm Emulsion 100ml 

Rilastil Neoviderm is an emulsion of protective and moisturizing action, which softens and brings relief to the skin, favoring its physiological normalization process.
It provides relief from the sensation of irritation and discomfort caused by burns, superficial ulcers, peels or peeling, favoring the regeneration process.

How to use:
Apply to the affected area 3 times a day, consult the instructions in the leaflet.
Do not use in case of infected or hemorrhagic lesions. In case of burns or extensive ulcers, consult a doctor before using. Ideal for irritated, fragile, damaged skin and after dermatological interventions.



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