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Martiderm Expression Gel 15ml

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Martiderm Expression Gel 15ml
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Martiderm Platinum Expression Gel 15ml


Expression gel moisturises, fills and re-densifies wrinkles in the eye contour area and other expression lines. It has a Botox-like relaxing effect, with active ingredients that release muscle tension, minimising expression lines. 


1- Pour: the content onto your hands.

2- Apply: to eye and lip contour.

3- Leave: the product to act until the skin absorbs the content.

4- Apply: morning and/or night.


Main active ingredients:

  • Octapeptide
  • Syn®-ake



Express Gel contains hyaluronic acid and other components, such as octapeptide and Syn®-Ake complex, which treats and prevents wrinkles and expression lines with a moisturising, filler and relaxing effect. It works around the eyes, forehead, between the brows and the nasolabial folds, with a Botox-like effect, making it the natural alternative to this medical cosmetic treatment. It can also be used in conjunction with Botox.


**In vitro clinical study on 22 women aged 44 to 69 (maximum value). Evaluation via topometry (FROTIS) after 28 days of use. EVIC.

***Use test under dermatological control on 22 women aged 44 to 69. Assessment after 28 days of use. EVIC.

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