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A-Derma Biology-AC Perfect Fluid 40ml

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A-Derma Biology-AC Perfect Fluid 40ml
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A-Derma Biology-AC Perfect Fluid 40ml


A-Derma Biology-AC Perfect is a triple action complete care fluid.
-Favors the reduction of black spots and pimples;
-Provide comfort and restore the skin's balance with all the softness;
-Anti-marking active will act on all marks and guarantee a clean and smooth skin.
It manages to reduce excess sebum by limiting the adhesion of external agents. Soothes and reduces the redness associated with irritation, exfoliating and descaling pores.

How to use:
Apply once a day, morning or evening, according to your care routine.

Indicated for:
Acne-prone skins, with residual marks due to imperfections.


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