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Trofolastin Breast Scar Reducer 3 pcs

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Trofolastin Breast Scar Reducer 3 pcs
Trofolastin Breast Scar Reducer 3 pcs
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Trofolastin Breast Scar Reducer 3 pcs
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Trofolastin Breast Scar Reducer 3pcs

Trofolastin Reducer Breast Scars is a dressing that is intended to be used on scars that remain after breast surgery. It can be used after breast augmentation, breast reduction, fixation or shaping.

They can be used on recent scars or on old scars, bearing in mind that their effectiveness decreases with time. The sooner you start using it, the better results you will get.
They have a physical effect on scars that increases pressure and regulates the degree of moisture, which favors the correct placement of collagen fibers to regenerate the skin's structure.
Results are visible after 8 or 10 weeks of using the patches.

How to use:
Trofolastin plasters can be used throughout the day, they do not need to be removed for daily hygiene, as they are waterproof. They can be left for 7 days in a row. When it starts to lose its adhesive capacity, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. They should not be used on open, stitched or suppurating wounds.



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