Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Cream 250 ml

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Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Cream 250 ml Trofolastin Antiestrias



Trofolastin is an anti-stretch-mark cream developed and marketed in Spain by Novartis, which is recommended by many Spanish nurses and physicians, while Trofolastin Scar Reduction is a proprietary dressing for the treatment of scars.

It is recommended to apply the anti-stretch mark cream Trofolastin twice a day on the areas most prone to the appearance of stretch marks such as the hips, buttocks and belly. Perform gentle massages to promote complete absorption.




Trofolastín Anti-Stretch is a cream for the prevention of stretch marks of pregnancy, adolescents, for weight loss, athletes. Indicated in any type of cutaneous trophic problem.


How to use:

Apply it twice a day and forget about stretch marks. Now you can prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, by applying the Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Cream twice a day, with a light massage until the skin absorbs it completely.