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SVR Spirial Extreme 20ml

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SVR Spirial Extreme 20ml
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SVR Spirial Extreme 20ml

SVR Spirial Extreme is a roll-on deodorant that was developed for excessive sweating and has the particularity of being perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

Aimed at regulating body temperature in the event of overheating, sweating can, however, cause discomfort very quickly during the day.

This deodorant reduces moisture and regulates perspiration. It may be suitable for extreme sweating due to stress, humidity, sport and medications. It is concentrated in antibacterial agents to neutralize bad odors.
It is easy to use and allows you to dress just seconds after application.

How to use:
Acute Phase:
During the first week, apply 3 consecutive days, morning and evening, to clean and dry the skin. Wait a few seconds before dressing.
Maintenance Phase:
Apply 2 or 3 times a week, morning or evening, as needed. If necessary, use your usual deodorant for the remaining days.


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