Sesderma Kojicol Plus Facial Skin Gel 30ml

Sesderma Kojicol Plus Facial Skin Gel 30ml
Sesderma Kojicol Plus Facial Skin Gel 30ml
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Sesderma Kojicol Plus Facial 


Sesderma Kojicol Plus is an non-oily gel corrects melanin pigmentations faster and lasts longer than other depigmentants.

Based on 5% kojic acid that inhibits melanogenesis, blocking tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for melanin production).

It also has sun protection properties and a moderate bacteriostatic effect, which makes it very useful in the topical treatment of acne lesions.


The depigmenting effect of kojic acid is notably potentiated by the presence of AHAs (8% glycolic acid and citric acid), which removes the corneal layer of the skin, producing an exfoliation and allowing both kojic acid and phytic acid to easily reach the cells loaded with melanin.



How to use:

Clean the area with a cleansing milk and apply the product twice a day with the fingertips on the area to be treated, with a gentle massage.

On very sensitive skin mix one or two drops of the product with the usual day moisturizer, this reduces its potency, but it makes the skin tolerate better.

It is important to apply a sunscreen in the morning after applying the depigmentant. On the hands and legs you can do three or four applications per day.

 It should be applied for at least 3 months for its effect to be complete. The effects begin to be observed in the first two or three weeks.




Kojic acid, glycolic acid, alpha-arbutin, emblica, phytic acid, boswellic acids, mulberry extract.



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