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Oenobiol Sun Normal Skin Preparer 30 Capsules

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Oenobiol Sun Normal Skin Preparer  30 Capsules
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Oenobiol Sun Normal Skin Preparer 30 Capsules

Oenobiol Sun Normal Skin is a food supplement that prepares and protects sensitive skin for safe sun exposure and a radiant tan.
This product was formulated to prepare sensitive skin for sun exposure, optimizing its response and minimizing the adverse effects of the sun. Helps you achieve an even, radiant tan while protecting skin cells from oxidative stress and other damage.
Antioxidant protection: Contains selenium and vitamin E that help protect cells against oxidative damage.
Promotes a radiant tan: The combination of lutein, phytoene and phytofluene promotes a uniform and luminous tan.
Great preparation: Improves the resistance of sensitive skin to sun exposure.
Natural Ingredients: Includes tomato extracts and carotenoids
In case of exposure, you should always use sun protection.

How to use:
You can take one capsule a day for 2 or 3 months depending on the results you want.
Very effective, you will be able to see results in 28 days of use.



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