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Movial Plus Fluidart 28 cáps

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Movial Plus Fluidart 28 cáps
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Movial Plus Fluidart 28 cáps

Movial PLUS Fluidart is indicated for people with joint problems due to osteoarthritis, arthritis, stroke or joint stiffness and also for people who have suffered periods of immobilization or athletes who simply want to avoid wearing out their joints.
The capsules contain:

• Equivalent to that found naturally in cartilage.
• Prevents the appearance, deterioration and degeneration of joint pathology.

• Stimulates the function of synoviocytes and, therefore, the production of endogenous HA.
• Prevents degradation of articular cartilage.
• Analgesic effect on the joint.

Vitamin C:
• Fundamental for collagen synthesis.
• Favors the absorption of collagen.

How to use:
It is recommended to take one capsule a day.

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