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Lazartigue Stronger Hair Serum 50 ml

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Lazartigue Stronger Hair Serum 50 ml
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Lazartigue Stronger Hair Serum 50 ml 

Lazartigue Stronger Hair is a serum with concentrated botanical actives, stops reactive hair loss and activates its growth. Its vegan formula, 97% of natural origin, strengthens the hair fiber, stimulates and softens the scalp to create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.
Throughout life, hair falls out and grows back. A normal loss is around 100 hairs a day. A drop greater than these numbers is already abnormal and results from an imbalance in the hair cycle. If you notice a sudden and massive fall of your hair after a particular event, such as a period of stress, pregnancy, illness or change of season, the fall is reactionary. Check that there are hairs on the pillow, shower or hairbrush... This type of hair loss is due to a sudden deficiency in the microcirculation of blood in the scalp and in the supply of nutritional elements.

How to use:
Apply 4 to 6 pipettes, 3 times a week, on dry or damp scalp, section by section, with a gentle massage to activate microcirculation. Do not rinse. For best results, keep the application for a minimum period of 3 months.





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