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Lazartigue Pre-Shampoo Exfoliating 75 ml

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Lazartigue Pre-Shampoo Exfoliating 75 ml
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Lazartigue Pre-Shampoo Exfoliating 75 ml

 Lazartigue Pre-Shampoo is a purifying massage gel that acts as an exfoliating, detoxifying care for your scalp. Exfoliates, cleans and deeply purifies the scalp. This pre-wash massage gel is rich in jojoba pearls and fruit acids. It is certified vegan and consists of 95% natural ingredients that maintain the balance and health of the hair.

Just like the skin, the scalp must be detoxified regularly to be healthy and allow the hair to grow just as healthy. If impurities are not eliminated, dead skin and pollution residues end up entering directly into the hair bulb, leaving it fragile.
Main natural assets:
-Fruit acids: soften the scalp and act as a gentle peeling
-Jojoba pearls: mechanically exfoliate and remove deposits

How to use:
Apply 3 times a week, on dry scalp, section by section, with a gentle massage for an exfoliating action, before washing your hair. Rinse thoroughly. Then proceed with the wash.


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