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Lazartigue Nourish Intense Shampoo 250 ml

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Lazartigue Nourish Intense Shampoo 250 ml
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Lazartigue Nourish Intense Shampoo 250 ml

Lazartigue Nourish is a shampoo rich in shea and babassu butter that intensely moisturizes dry and thick hair, giving it shine and softness. Its vegan formula contains 93% natural ingredients, making it easier to detangle your hair while taming it.
Hair becomes dry when it does not receive enough sebaceous secretions from the scalp as it grows. Its hydro-lipid film, which normally acts as a protective barrier, is weakened. Vulnerable hair scales lift creating a feeling of rough hair to the touch. External factors such as pollution, the sun, repeated blow-drying or the regular use of plates can exacerbate this phenomenon.
To remedy deficiencies in essential lipids in dry and thick hair, the vegan intense nutrition shampoo cleanses the hair, giving it a high natural lipid concentration without weakening it, thanks to the ultra-nutritive benefits of shea and babassu butter.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair, spreading evenly and massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly; repeating if necessary.





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