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Lazartigue Extra Purifying Shampoo 250ml

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Lazartigue Extra Purifying Shampoo 250ml


Lazartigue Extra Purifying Shampoo 250ml features a vegan formula with 92% natural ingredients.

Its abundance of fruit acids allows for greater smoothing and deeper cleansing of quickly oily-prone hair.

Its peeling effect provides instant scalp purification, resulting in a reduction in sebum production and restoring volume and lightness to the hair.

Key ingredients: Fruit acids, which help to soothe the scalp and reduce sebum production.


How to use: Before applying, brush the dry hair to detangle and remove impurities for enhanced shampooing effect. Then, apply the product evenly to wet hair.

Gently massage with fingertips to activate scalp microcirculation. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water.



Due to the habit of using sulfate-based shampoos, it is normal for the hair to easily become oily in the initial uses.

However, from the fourth application of this product, you should start experiencing the natural benefits of this shampoo.

100% recyclable!

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