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Lazartigue Colour Protect Shampoo 250 ml

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Lazartigue Colour Protect Shampoo 250 ml
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Lazartigue Colour Protect Shampoo 250 ml

Lazartigue Colour Protect is a vegan shampoo safeguards both the color and vitality of your hair while deeply hydrating it and enhancing its radiant shine.
To prevent dyed hair from becoming dry and losing its shine, the color and shine protection shampoo has an acidic pH of 4.5 that closes the scales of the hair fibers, preventing the leakage of pigments.
After a coloring care, the hair spreads a part of the color. This phenomenon lifts the scales of the capillary fibers which become permeable. Penetrating inside the fiber, water dries the hair and stains the coloring. Without specific care, the structure of the hair fiber quickly degrades, the hair becomes rough and the color loses its shine.

How to use:
Prior to application, gently brush your dry hair to untangle and remove any impurities, ensuring optimal shampoo performance. Then, evenly distribute the product on wet hair. Delicately massage with your fingertips. Finally, thoroughly rinse with abundant water. As your hair adjusts from sulfate-based shampoos, it's common to experience increased oiliness during the initial uses. However, after the fourth application of this shampoo, you'll begin to notice the natural benefits it provides.



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