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Isdin Woman Vulvar Moisturizer 30ml

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Isdin Woman Vulvar Moisturizer 30ml
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Isdin Woman Vulvar Moisturizer 30ml


Moisturizes and relieves vulvar itching. A specific product for the care, protection and hydration of the vulvar epithelium. 


  • Sustained moisturization
  • Relief of itching
  • Strenghtening of the barrier function of the vulvar epithelium
  • Better defense against external irritants
  • Does not alter the integrity of the condom


Affords relief from vulvar irritation and itching


The vulvar epithelium provides a less effective barrier than the rest of the skin, and is more prone to irritation and dryness. For this reason, to cleanse and moisturise the vulva we need a care product specifically formulated for this area, such as Woman ISDIN Vulvar Moisturiser. 

Woman ISDIN Vulvar Moisturiser is a hydrogel with an intense moisturising effect. It provides a long-lasting barrier effect against irritants and relieves itching caused by irritation and/or dryness from the first application.


How to use:

Apply twice a day, preferably morning and night before going to bed. For external use.  Gyneacologically and dermatologically tested. Non-sensitizing. 


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