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Isdin Baby Naturals Repair Ointment 50ml

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Isdin Baby Naturals Repair Ointment 50ml
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Isdin Baby Naturals Repair Ointment 50ml

Isidn Baby Naturals is a reparative ointment for changing the diaper indicated for situations of infection, redness and irritation of the baby's bottom, often referred to as diaper erythema.
Repairs and soothes fragile skin, while protecting it from the aggressions caused by contact with urine, feces and diaper rubbing.
Formulated with constituents that form a protective barrier and prevent the development of fungi.

How to use:
Apply gently on clean, dry skin for 7 days at each diaper change, covering the gluteal and genital area with a thin and homogeneous layer. If no improvement is observed after this period, consult a pediatrician.

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