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Genové Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Lotion 100ml

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Genové Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Lotion 100ml
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Genové Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Lotion 100ml


Genové Pilopeptan Anti Hair Loss Lotion 100ml strengthens the hair of the root, slowing its fall and gives shine, strength and vitality.


How to use: Apply dry or damp hair once a day by massaging with circular motions to stimulate blood flow. N clear. We recommend the use of fall protection lotion after loss Pilopeptan Pilopeptan Anti-Hair Shampoo.


Pilopeptan Hair Strengthening Lotion acts on the hair cuticles to improve the appearance of damaged hair. Restores hair’s core strength, providing elasticity and vitality. Pilopeptan Hair Strengthening Shampoo reduces breakage of the hair fiber.

Use: Apply on wet dry once a day massaging circularly with fingertips to stimulate blood circulation. Do not rinse. Pilopeptan Hair strengthening lotion should be used in combination with Pilopeptan Hair Strengthening shampoo.  125ml

How to use:
Apply on both dry and wet hairy leather massage with circular movements.

Ginseng, Witch-Hazel, Chamomile and Marigold.


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