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Elancyl Stretch Marks Prevention Cream 200ml

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Elancyl Stretch Marks Prevention Cream 200ml
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Elancyl Stretch Marks Prevention Cream 200ml

Elancyl Stretch Marks is a cream for the prevention and reduction of premature stretch marks. Especially indicated for individuals at risk of developing stretch marks, which so often appear due to weight fluctuations or hormonal changes.
With a formula rich in moisturizing and natural ingredients, this cream improves skin elasticity and helps tone and repair the skin. With just one application, the skin is already soft and supple.
It can be used in pregnant women from the 4th month of pregnancy, teenagers with hormonal changes, weight gain or loss.

How to use:
Apply to affected areas massaging properly until completely absorbed. Use twice a day. Do not use on breasts if you are breastfeeding.

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