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Elancyl Stretch Marks Correction 75ml

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Elancyl Stretch Marks Correction 75ml
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Elancyl Stretch Marks Correction GelCream 75ml

Elancyl Stretch Marks is an intensive corrector in gel cream, for the initial and inflammatory phase of stretch mark formation that improves the texture and elasticity of the skin. It is ideal for postpartum, teenagers and situations of sudden weight change.
AHA 15% - Provides chemical exfoliation that promotes skin regeneration.
Bakuchiol - has a similar action to retinol for regeneration and anti-oxidation.
Pentaglycan with hyaluronic acid - with emollient and moisturizing action.
Within 28 days, 90% of women report smoother skin and a reduction in the color, area and width of stretch marks. Its non-greasy and fast-absorbing texture makes its application even more pleasant.

How to use:
Apply to affected areas massaging properly until completely absorbed. Use twice a day. Do not use in pregnant women or while breastfeeding.


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