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Colnatur Classic Neutral Flavor 300g

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Colnatur Classic Neutral Flavor 300g
Colnatur Classic Neutral Flavor 300g
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Colnatur Classic Neutral Flavor 300g
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Colnatur Classic Neutral Flavor 300g


Colnatur Classic Neutral Flavor is a regenerating food, presented in the form of powder with neutral flavor. Pure natural collagen soluble (hydrolyzed), very assimilable, to nourish and regenerate the tissues of the joints, bones and skin.
To all people who wish to take care of themselves naturally and effectively, especially from those in their 40s.

Colnatur is the only collagen-based product with a legal category of food product and the only one made by natural means, without adding chemicals.
It is a product of daily intake of total confidence, which allows the maximum use of the benefits of assimilable collagen. Continuous intake helps reduce joint pain from wear, bone embrittlement and skin wrinkles. The contribution of vitamin C acts synergistically with collagen, promoting its synthesis and reducing circumstances of inflammation thanks to free radical scavenging.

How to use:
Take the entire contents of the doser daily, preferably at breakfast, dissolved in a liquid food: milk, coffee, cocoa. It can also be mixed with yogurts, shakes, infusions, juices, water
The dispenser includes the recommended dose of 10g of hydrolyzed collagen.


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