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Isdin Fusion Water Magic GLOW SPF30 50ml

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Isdin Fusion Water Magic GLOW SPF30 50ml
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Isdin Fusion Water Magic GLOW SPF30 50ml

Isdin Fusion Water Glow is a cream that provides an immediate glow effect and promotes brighter skin. With natural tan booster, it enhances the skin's natural tan and protects against photoaging.
Contains vitamin E, which protects the skin against oxidative damage caused by solar radiation.
Immediate absorption, leaves no greasy residue, non-comedogenic, mineral oil free, oil control.
Golden Glow Active Complex that acts like small mirrors that reflect and disperse light to provide natural luminosity.

How to use:
Apply to dry or damp skin. The appropriate amount for the face area is two lines of product spread over two fingers. Reapply frequently in case of prolonged sun exposure, bathing or physical exercise.


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