Tena Lady Pants Plus Size M 9 units


Tena Lady Pants Plus Size M 9 units


With double-leak barriers and Triple protection against leaks, odors and moisture, along with a narrow waist and fully breathable materials, they are the perfect choice for moderate to heavy incontinence.        

  • Maximum Protection: Super absorbent fabric in the areas where it is most needed. Fast absorption and double anti-leakage barrier.
  • Feminine Design: The panties are peach tone and normal waist height. Perfect fit that adapts to the person's lifestyle.
  • Comfortable elastic material: Made with breathable elastic material for a better fit and optimum comfort.
  • Triple protective action: Protects against leaks, smell and moisture. It helps the person feel dry and safe.


Tena Lady Pants Plus Size M 9 Units. Indicated for urine loss. The back of the panties is marked. Made with comfortable, soft, breathable and quality materials. It has an anti-leakage barrier. Size M: 38-46.