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SVR Sun Secure Eau Solaire SPF50+ 200 ml

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SVR Sun Secure Eau Solaire SPF50+ 200 ml
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SVR Sun Secure Eau Solaire SPF50+ 200 ml

SVR Sun Secure Eau Solaire SPF50+ is the first very high sun protection water that is biodegradable and respects the marine environment.
After four years of research to discover the ideal combination of filters that provides very high sun protection while respecting the marine environment.
Eau Solaire offers high dermatological protection thanks to the new patented filtering complex that respects the marine environment. Combined with an antioxidant technology, it acts on the effect of all types of rays. Thanks to the biphasic texture, there are no more excuses for not applying sunscreen: 40% aqueous phase to illuminate and the 60% oily phase that contains the filters. It's the perfect combination for a fresh, light and invisible texture! An addictive texture that you will love to apply and reapply!
Rigorous formulation criteria adapted to skin hypersensitive to the sun.
• Anti-UVA and UVB thanks to a new combination of three sunscreens that form a physical protective barrier on the surface of the skin;
• Protects against visible and IR light with a liposomal antioxidant complex that forms a cellular shield;
• Enriched with naturally sourced vegetable oils to nourish and soften the skin.

How to use: Prior to use, vigorously shake the product for at least five seconds until achieving a final orange color, indicating thorough blending of the two phases.

Once the desired result is obtained, generously and evenly apply the product before sun exposure. To maintain continuous protection, reapply frequently, especially after perspiring, swimming, or towel drying.

Remember to vigorously shake the product before each use. Spray into the palms of your hands and then apply to the face.

Please ensure responsible disposal of the empty packaging by recycling it appropriately.




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