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Filorga Hydra-Filler Mask 1unit

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Filorga Hydra-Filler Mask 1unit
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Filorga Hydra-Filler Mask  1unit



Filorga Hydra Filler Mask is a superhydrating mask with a filler formula that contains hyaluronic acid. Gather all the benefits of Hydra-filler cream. This mask impregnated with hyaluronic acid also contains an NMF-Like complex and aloe vera, to provide intense hydration and fill in record time.


-Double Hydration; Fill the skin with water for an intense moisturizing and filler effect.
-Immediate skin effect immediately; Aloe vera, a super plant rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, revitalizes the skin to restore luminosity and freshness.


How to use:
Open the envelope, unfold the mask and gently remove the protective mesh. Apply it on the clean face. Leave on for 15 minutes. Help the surplus serum penetrate by massaging with the fingertips. Not clarify. Repeat the application 1 or 2 times per week.



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