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Iraltone Forte 60 Capsules

Iraltone Forte 60 Capsules
Iraltone Forte 60 Capsules
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Iraltone Forte 60 Capsules
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Iraltone Forte 60 Capsules

(Cistitone- European version, same as Iraltone)


Iraltone Forte is a nutritional supplement for hair and nails with an innovative formula based on L-cystine and glutathione, the intelligent combination that regenerates hair preventing premature aging and its fall.

-Helps hair growth and its proper development
-Develops a powerful antioxidant action preventing damage caused by free radicals
-Optimizes enzymatic processes
-Having the natural color of hair
-Increase the correct mitochondrial function

It is indicated in people with fine, straight hair, without volume, without shine and / or with an accentuated drop.


How to use:

Take one capsule a day for at least three months.






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