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Sesderma K-Vit Gel Clarifying 50ml

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Sesderma  K-Vit Gel Clarifying 50ml
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Sesderma  K-Vit Gel Clarifying 50ml

Sesderma K-Vit is a clarifying gel that reduces skin blemishes and redness caused by surgical treatments or cosmetic products. Calms and prevents the reappearance of stains. Brightens, moisturizes and decongests irritated skin. Protects blood vessels and improves circulation.


How to use:
Apply to the affected areas 2-3 times a day with a gentle massage.
As a preventive measure, start the application 1 week before the surgical or cosmetic procedure (2 days).
As a complement to rosacea treatments, use as a base care before moisturizer.


Indicated for:
Prevent and eliminate hemosiderotic spots caused by surgical procedures, cosmetics, sclerotherapy ...
Complementary treatment in situations of rosacea, dilated capillaries, diffuse redness.


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