Screenses Color Fluid SPF50 light 50ml

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Screenses Color Fluid SPF50 light 50ml

Screenses Color Fluid light is a daily colored sunscreen that helps to protect from solar radiation and balance skin tone.

Exposure to the sun has harmful effects on our skin. The rays (UVA and UVB) penetrate the deeper layers, causing burns, wrinkles and spots.
Formulated with an advanced combination of sunscreens that provides:

Protection of the skin against the harmful effects of the sun.
Prevention of sunburn.
Reduces the appearance of blemishes and signs of aging.
Provides a natural, dull finish

Corrects and blurs imperfections thanks to its covering power.
Offers a smooth, easy-to-apply texture for an even tone
It is indicated for fair skin and can be used after medical procedures: surgical interventions, chemical or laser peels, microdermabrasions.

How to use:
Apply evenly to clean, dry skin 30 min before sun exposure. Blur on face, neck and décolleté. Repeat the application every 2 hours.

Indicated for:
All kinds of skins mostly clear. Corrects and conceals imperfections.
Natural, velvety finish without shine.



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