Filorga Optim Eyes Lashes & Brows Serum 6.5ml

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Filorga Optim Eyes Lashes & Brows Serum 6.5ml
Filorga Optim Eyes Lashes & Brows Serum 6.5ml
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Filorga Paris Optim Eyes Lashes & Brows Serum 6.5ml


Filorga Optim-Eyes Lashes & Brows is a two-step care that helps restructure and enhance lashes and eyebrows and sublimates the look.
Serum enhancer that densifies and length.
Care coating that nourishes and thickens the fibers. Fortifies and stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
Fights fall. It nourishes, restructures and creates a microrad that covers the fiber. Instantly power and fix make-up. Ideal for thin eyelashes and dense eyebrows.

Step 1: Serum enhancer, with Kera-Extend CX® complex (biochanin A, peptides and microalgae), NCTF® and Kera-Mantain CX® complex (biotinyl peptide-GHK and panthenol), for a densifying, stimulating and anti-sedimentation action.

Step 2: colorless coating concentrate, with proteins (carob, soy), for a nutritive, restructuring, protective and sublimating action
The eyelashes and eyebrows become stronger, dense and beautiful.


How to use:
Apply morning and evening, at the root of eyelashes and eyebrows, perfectly clean and dry.
- apply the serum to the root of clean eyelashes and eyebrows with the brush to distribute the uniform and precise product
- apply the concentrate to the eyebrows and eyelashes from the root to the end.


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