Ecophane hair loss fragile nails 60 tablets

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Ecophane hair loss fragile nails 60 tablets
Ecophane hair loss fragile nails 60 tablets
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Ecophane Biorga Food Supplements damaged hair loss fragile nails 60 tablets


Ecophane Biorga Food Supplement is a fortifier, for the care of nails and brittle hair and with a tendency to fall.

Composed of vitamins and minerals, this food supplement strengthens hair and prevents it from falling, while fortifying and hardening the nails.

The mineral salts (zinc, magnesium) are nutritious and help maintain the health of hair and nails, since they activate the synthesis of cysteine. Vitamins B5, B6 and B8 nourish tissues.
Wheat and sesame protein hydrolyzate enhances keratin, a protein essential for health, growth and vitality of hair and nails. No dyes.


How to use:
Take 2 tablets at a time, for a minimum period of 3 months. In the case of pregnant, diabetic and hypertensive patients, only 1 tablet should be taken per day.


Stabilisant: maltodextrine. Hydrolysates of blue and sesame protéines, magnesium citrate, calcium phosphate, zinc citrate, spiruline, anti-agglomérant, magnesium stearate, vitamin PP, arôme, B5 vitamins, colorants E0104 et E132, vitamins B6, biotine.

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