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Colnatur Complex Flavor Berries 345g

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Colnatur Complex Flavor Berries 345g
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Colnatur Complex Flavor Berries 345g


Athletes, people with joint pain due to aging or women with early symptoms of menopause, there are many people who need a tissue regenerator them back collagen that the body needs.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, hence the importance of adding Colnatur Complex to your usual diet. Complex Colnatur forest fruit flavor is a supplement composed of pure hydrolyzed collagen protein, collagen providing amino acids that our body needs daily to ward off aging. In addition, this also gives you Colnatur vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and magnesium.

Thanks to its regenerative properties, you get to keep body movement and body functions, including elasticity and tone of the skin and muscles. It will also remove the aches and pains of joints, reducing the brittleness of the bones.

No sugar or fat. Also available in neutral taste. Regain the youth of your body with collagen Colnatur Complex!


How to use:

Take daily 10g, dissolved in water or other liquid. It is recommended that treatment for at least 3 months.



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